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The philosophy of using products and technology to pursue the true potential of an athlete animal is the basic endeavour of EQUINE HYPERFORMANCE

Having gathered experience working to provide veterinary services for trainers to get the most out of their horses over the past 40 years using products that are proven effective, the company is ready to give the industry the chance to provide these benefit from the experience by establishing old and new or revised products together with services that may lead to optimising the genetically inherited potential of the racing animals on evidence based technology.

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Get optimum performance out of your Equine Athlete.

Natural herb remedies and topical treatments.

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Equine Hyperformance supplies products to West Australian horses and ship our products Australia wide and  internationally. The diverse product range is favourite among  the Australian equine community All of our products are regularly reviewed by the highly experienced team of veterinarians and nutritionists to ensure the design and formula is consistent with current nutritional research.


Sean Casey

Horse trAINER

Vega Magic with Jake Casey at Ascot since returning from racing over the Eastern States including running second in the Everest is now back in work.  Happy to use Equine Hyperformance products to help returning to trial heading back to race again

Colin Webster

Horse  Trainer

Equine Hyperformance have the best service and advice and back it up with great products and great results with Meric No Bleed over the past few years

Steve Ryan

Horse trainer

I used Doc’s early formulation  of No Bleed before tumeric was added which he brought it for me for Let Go Thommo that was racing in Melbourne as shown in the picture with Doc’s son Jonathan Soemartopo after we had breakfast the morning of a very great day for the Doc and his son when Eagles won the Grand Final 2006 that day. Not only fantastic products that I find work fabulously but are also very economical. I have saved heaps using their products for equal or better responses/ reactions compared to other leading products. Could not be happier and couldn’t recommend them any more highly  

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