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A Vitamin C and E plus Tumeric based formulation that have been developed and tried that may help horses that suffer bleeding from elevated mucous production nasal congestion, coughing and may also suffers a low grade bacterial or viral infliction.

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NB Paste for horses have been developed and tried by A class horse trainer to help horses that suffer bleeding from elevated mucous production nasal congestion, coughing.

The product claims no therapeutic effects but the formulation is based on research reports that Vitamin C and E have strong antioxidant property and the addition of Tumeric which have been reported to have antibacterial or antiviral as well as anti inflammatory properties.  Tumeric is now reported to be mixed in some coffee for its claim of powerful antioxidant.

This formulation have been made and used over the past ten years by selected trainers with favo

150 ml NB paste

rable review.  The combination of Ambroxol Hcl to act as a mucolytic with Vit C  Vit E and Tumeric may help strengthened the immune system or the epithelial layer of the respiratory tract.  We have now decided to make it available to other trainers as an over the counter product.  The product has no prohibited substance used for racing

The dose recommended is 10 mls daily for 3 days prior to racing

While No Bleed NB Paste is a safe and non-prohibited substance, we advise you always refer to your local racing guidelines before commencing use.


  • May promote an increase in general performance and well-being,
  • May promote improvements in breathing for horses suffering from congestion,
  • May promote the removal of mucus from airways,
  • Palatable formula that can always be easily mixed with feeds,
  • Cost effective with fantastic customer feedback.
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