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Neville Parnham

We have known Nifty since we started our mix practice in 1982, Neville had just started with his mare “Lady Jevington” that he spelled at Kelmscott near our Westfield Vet Hospital and since he has developed a successful stable and with his three talented jockey sons Stephen, Brad and Chris Parnham they have become a well respected family of the racing fraternity

Neville has a record of:

  • 13 Metropolitan Training Premierships
  • 2014 WA Racing Hall of Fame Inductee
  • 2012 WA Racing Hall of Fame Nominee
  • 2010/11 WA Racehorse of the Year – Playing God

Geoff Durrant and Adam Durrant

We first saw Geoff with his horse “Hennessy Gold” but he is more involved as administrator with his wife Vicky for his son Adam Durrant who is the current Premiership trainer in WA a title he has won 7 out of 10 years

Together they have been very successful winning major races including Group 1 Railway Stake and Perth Cup three times

Adam still rides the horses that he feels need his personal assessment touch at track work in his training stable

Len with “Scenic Shot”

We have known Len from the time we started in 1982 and then when Danny started training after retiring from riding as a jockey.  Both have been very successful in winning major races including running second in the Melbourne cup and Danny won at Ascot England with his horse Scenic Blast

Danny Morton

Danny was a successful jockey but decided to follow his father Len to take up training and trained Scenic Blast that won races at Ascot in the UK and has recently been winning with a horse owned by a syndicate of ladies owners Man Booker

I often see Danny ride the horses that he feels needing closer opinion of himself

Man Booker

I often see Danny ride the horses that he feels needing closer opinion of himselfI had a photo taken happened to be on my birthday with Scenic Blast off the track at Ascot one morning

Wally Mitchell (retired)

Wally with Placid Ark triple crown

Placid Ark

Wally now retired after winning almost every major races in WA and also trained Placid Ark that won the Triple crown and is inducted as a legend horse

I first saw Wal on a horse No Peer in 1982 that just returned from running in a Melbourne Cup, we are good mates and mad Eagles fan

Colin Webster

Colin with Pop Culture  Jagsie Turner on Pop Culture

Colin Webster is a successful trainer and originally trained Rogan Josh in Perth that he later sent East to Bart Cummings and it won the Melbourne cup. Colin and his wife invited to attend Melbourne Cup ever since Rogan Josh won the Cup.

His horse Pop Culture was another good horse that won many races

Paul Jordan

Paul trains many juvenille horses and is very successful winning early races at the start of every new racing calendar.

Paul has won a total of 33 Group and Listed winners to date and with current top performers such as View the Stars, For your Eyes Only and Revolition, the future is looking bright for more feature wins

Jack Cockel

William Pike

Old Jack has been training horses for a long time in both codes pacer and thoroughbred but he is more known for being the Master of jockey William Pike the Willie the Wizard the current championship jockey many times since he started riding in Metropolitan circuits.

Jack introduced William one day when he came to see me with Willie, and told me that ‘ Suj, this is Willie, I have been keeping him riding only in the bush until he is ready to ride in town. And when he starts in town he will win many of them, you keep an eye on him’

I then said to Willie’ ‘Young one if Jack said that you are good then you will be winning Group races just like Damian Oliver, and when you win your first Group winner I want you to get a photograph signed it and also get Jack to sign it for me’.  Willie was a tiny boy at the time and started giggling and said Yes Doc.  I was at Ascot when Willie won his first Group race on Crown Prosecutor to win 2005 Perth Cup for Lindsey Smith whom I also have dealt with in the past.  I was outside the winning enclosure and yelled out to Willie ‘Don’t forget the photo Willie’  he looked up and nodded his head. After a few more group wins including Cats Fun, one morning after track work at Ascot Willie said’ Doc you are a mad Eagles fan and they told me Ben Cousin is your favourite player, right?’  I said ‘yes why? Willie said ‘I can get you an Eagle football signed by Ben’ I said ‘Great’.  Willie did get it for me but he did not tell me how he managed to get it, Willie did not realise I knew his uncle Trevor who is the trotting trainer for Ben Cousins’ father, so William did not have to spend any of his winning money to buy for the winning photo of his Group win for me, instead he gave me the free signed football.  As for the signed photograph I am still waiting, just shows Jack Cockel has taught him well about keeping his winning money, a pity Jack is no longer his master and getting a bit off William winning rides but I am sure Jack is just so proud for Willie as I am of him

Garry Crispin

 Garry  only has a small team of horses but he has made the most of them especially with Volkof, me with Chokslam

Michael Williams (retired)

Michael does not mince words, worked with Michael and Raquel horses when they were training Marapana we had many success in that period, what rankled him was when my horse Bulla Proud won against his horse at Ascot, but we have a good relationship

Mick Santich

Mike with Spangle Impact a bargain buy

Mick has his own idea on how to treat his horses he also does all the breaking of his horses.  He has been successful with his juveniles often picking up at a bargain price, I spent many times at his stable at times also dealing with cars as he is a qualified panel beater

Tonia Stampalia

As a twice group one winner in harness racing Tonia Stampalia won Pearl Classic and 2yo Colts Sires Stakes with Jim Beam and Renascentur , she was the first owner trainer and driver in W A harness racing to achieve that feat.  Tonia now has a dual licence and has only a small number of race horses Wavehill Spurr that have won a couple races and Fairtore that has at last broke her maiden status.  Tonia has very close relationship with all her animals in her care and her mother Judy Stampalia takes care all the financial side, all her family involved in harness racing including her father and brother Vance Stampalia

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