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We work hard to provide you the best quality equine supplements

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The philosophy of using products and technology to pursue the true potential of an athlete animal is the basic endeavour of the company.

Having gathered experience working to provide veterinary services for trainers to get the most out of their horses over the past 37 years using products that are proven effective, the company is ready to give the industry the chance to provide these benefit from the experience by establishing old and new or revised products together with services that may lead to optimising the genetically inherited potential of the racing animals on evidence based technology.

Our Company

Having won a Colombo Plan scholarship as a result of his academic excellent from the prestigious IPB the Bogor Agriculture Institute in Indonesia Sudjar W Soemartopo came to Brisbane in January 1967 to study Veterinary science. Dr Sudjar W Soemartopo graduated with a BVSc from the University of Queensland in December 1973 and since graduation opened and sold his own small animal clinic in Nedlands to start a large animal consultancy for W A Pig Industry Dairy and Cattle trade and horse racing in 1982

His work in animal production resulted in appreciating the important of nutrition in the health of an animal as an individual or as a mob.  In the 80’s he was instrumental in promoting Biotin to help strengthened horses hoof based on his Pig industry experience. He further promoted the use of Lysine and Methionine as important amino acids and ‘milk powder’ containing BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acid) in the form of whey powder to help build muscles in animals Pigs Cattle and Horses. Correct ratio is needed for growth as differed to a maintenance  The benefit of Gama Oryzanol a rice extract hormone to use in horses was also promoted  The value of vitamin supplementation in meat producing animals have also influence his appreciation of its value in athletic animals such as race horses

His involvement with the horse trainers continued with the company Equine Technology in Perth. The numerous discussion and lessons from experience ‘old timer’s over the years becomes an integral part of his evidence based treatment philosophy and his formulating products to be developed

 The company hopes to ‘revitalises’ or reproduced, products that no longer made as the result of economic rationalism.  The company are making products which are very much at the fore front for high performance equine athlete. We are working together and using some products from Equine Technology that we consider worthwhile to add to our developing products

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